T.W. Hunter Middle School
  • Mayor Duncan speaks to a class of students
    Goodlettsville Mayor Jeff Duncan speaking to Mr. Skaggs' exploratory class on local governments
  • Sixth Grade Tea Party
    Sixth Graders Held a Tea Party to Celebrate and Discuss the Novel A View From Saturday
  • Mrs. Gutzman's class discussed their novel at a tea party
    Ain't No Party Like a Hunter Tea Party
  • Special Olympian receives a high five
    Encouraging our Athletes before their Big Event
  • Having Fun on the Bus
    Ready to Roll
  • Students and Faculty shoe support for our Special Olympians
    Showing Support for our Special Olympians
  • Honoring the victims from MSD High School
    T.W. Hunter Honors the Victims from Stoneman Douglas High School
  • Students commit to be kind to each other
    T.W. Hunter Students Commit to "Step Up" and Perform Acts of Kindness
  • Safety Letter to Parents

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  • T.W. Hunter student shows her school spirit at the pep rally.
    School Spirit!
  • A T.W. Hunter student reading intently.
    Lost in a Good Book