T.W. Hunter Middle School


White A

Mr. Ahmed White, Principal

It is my honor to serve as principal of T.W. Hunter Middle School. I enjoy every opportunity to empower the lives of children. It is my philosophy that all students can learn, and with strong, caring, and capable teachers and staff, we can unlock doors that can change the trajectory of a student's life.  Our students, staff, and community are top notch. My goal is to continue the tradition of excellence in all areas, because our students will be world-changers.  I love you, I believe in you, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!!!

bowman 2

Mr. Eric Bowman, Assistant Principal

I am proud of our tradition of excellence in arts, athletics, and academics.  I hope to build on this heritage of excellence in my role as assistant principal.  I believe we must continue to raise the expectations for our students.