T.W. Hunter Middle

T.W. Hunter's Cheerleading Squad


Congratulations to the 2019-2020 T.W. Hunter Middle School Cheerleaders! 

Allen, Audri

Bowden, Chloe

Breakfield, Aubrey

Brooks, Aleya

Callahan, Skyler

Carneal, Adelyn

Curcio, Rylee

Davis, Dalaina

Davis, Bella

Jackson, Megan

Kincaid, Kaden

Lowery, Kinslie

McCann, Shaelan

Mitchell, Reece

O’Neal, Lynsey

Pierce, Emmaline

Potter, Maddee

Schell, McKenzie

Spicer, Macy

Stewart, Abbi

Stockton, Bella

Sutton, Shelby


*Bell, Karmen

*Cook, Cierra

*Hayes, Meredith

*Thompson, Ava


* Denotes alternate squad members.


Ashley Pascarella, Coach

Jodi Curtis, Coach


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