T.W. Hunter Middle School
  • Cheerleaders at the pep rally
    Go Bucs!!
  • Cheerleaders at the 2017 Homecoming Parade
    Homecoming Parade 2017
  • Preparing to stunt!
    Preparing to stunt!
  • Halftime performance
    Halftime performance
  • Cheering on the sidelines. Go Blue Go Orange Go White!!
    Go Blue Go Orange Go White!!
  • Cheer Squad
    Cheer Squad
  • Cheerleaders posing for a picture
    Always photo ready!
  • T. Dixon show her Buc spirit.
    T. Dixon show her Buc spirit.
  • Cheerleaders being goofy.
    Cheerleaders being goofy.

T.W. Hunter's Cheerleading Squad

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 T.W. Hunter Middle School Cheerleaders! 

Beachboard, Kellie                #24

Breakfield, Aubrey                #34

Brown, Hadley                      #7

Campbell, Ashlyn                  #11

Craig, Addie                          #2

Davis, Dalaina                       #31

Davis, Isabella                       #29

Duncan, Jordan                     #16

Flowers, Sarah                      #19

Green, Stevie                         #27

Hayes, Faythe                       #30

Kincaid, Kaden                     #14

O’Neal, Lynsey                     #26

Robertson, Brooke                #12

Stockton, Bella                      #33

Sutton, Shelby                       #4

Ashley Pascarella, Coach

Jodi Curtis, Coach


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